Compassionate and Expert Florida Substance Abuse for the Elderly

Elderly Substance Abuse in Florida

Many people tend to view addiction as something only affects the young and middle-aged. In reality, substance use disorder is a very real threat to the elderly community – known as Elderly Substance Abuse. 


  • In 2013 generic Vicodin was the most commonly prescribed drug under Medicare
  • Elderly patients are more likely to be prescribed long-term, multiple prescriptions
  • Over 300,000 seniors are addicted to painkillers and over 80,000 are addicted to alcohol


The aging process renders the body more vulnerable to the rigors of prolonged substance abuse and withdrawal. As we get older, we lose strength and muscle-mass and our immune systems often become weaker. If your elderly loved one is suffering from or at risk for drug or alcohol addiction, it’s critical that they get help immediately.


Recognizing the Signs


Seniors exhibit a variety of behavior and physical signs of elderly substance abuse, including:


  • Family estrangement
  • Frequent trips to the ER
  • Increased slips and falls
  • Failure to maintain physical health
  • Missing medical appointments
  • Tolerance and withdrawal


It’s also common for seniors to hide their substance use from their families and take their prescriptions in a manner inconsistent with their physician’s orders.


Our Elderly Substance Abuse Program


The Gardens at Lake Worth, a Florida drug rehab, understands the specialized care needs of seniors and has developed a quality, safe, and compassionate treatment program. We offer outpatient, intensive outpatient (IOP) and partial-hospitalization treatment plans depending on the client’s care needs. We also offer treatment for co-occurring disorders and partner with other Florida detox programs for those who need it. Our treatment programs blend evidence-based care and traditional 12-step recovery, and includes:


  • Access to medically supervised detox
  • Customized treatment plans
  • Trauma-informed group and individual therapy
  • Family program
  • Aftercare Planning and relapse prevention


While we do not provide inpatient treatment, we will quickly refer clients to safe and reputable programs that offer such services, should they need them.


The ‘Timeless Recovery’ Experience


We realize that important role that comfort plays in treatment and that as seniors you are used to a certain standard of living. Our Florida Timeless Recovery program provides treatment in a comfortable, non-judgmental environment that offers a swimming pool, fully equipped gym, beautifully landscaped grounds. We also provide a full range of supplemental therapies, including yoga, meditation, and chiropractic treatment. Our staff possessed decades of clinical experience and remain at the forefront of addiction care. Click for information on our Florida Holistic Rehab Program.


Don’t wait until it’s too late to get the help you need. The Gardens at Lake Worth’s Timeless Recovery program has all the tools you need to start healing from Elderly Substance Abuse call us today at 844-357-3422.