Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit

Holistic Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Florida

Holistic Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Florida

When an individual is struggling with substance use, every aspect of their life suffers: their body breaks down, they’re vulnerable to depression and anxiety, and their spirituality or faith may even be shaken. Attending a holistic drug and alcohol rehab addresses the connection between physical, mental and spiritual health. At The Gardens Rehab located in South Florida, we are firmly committed to helping our clients heal as people, not just addicts. We use a variety of therapies to promote long-term physical and emotional wellness, and addressing the root cause of one’s substance use disorder. Holistic drug rehab promotes self-awareness and is meant to ensure that one has the tools they need to live a physically and psychologically healthy life.

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Understanding Holistic Drug Rehab

Some people who hear the term “holistic drug rehab” may be reluctant to embrace the idea. It sounds like it may not be as effective as traditional drug rehab therapy. But a holistic approach to drug rehab can actually provide more comprehensive treatment and therapy. By integrating therapies like yoga and meditation into traditional treatment, clients receive an early start on their path back to total health, physical, mental and spiritual. Holistic drug rehab here in Florida doesn’t subtract anything from more traditional treatment. At its core, it’s an idea that allows clients to recognize the importance of total healing.

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