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Dual Diagnosis TreatmentSubstance abuse is rarely an isolated problem. Very often, people suffering from substance abuse have corresponding psychological issues attached to the behavior. When a person suffers simultaneously from both an addiction and separate mental disorder, they need dual-diagnosis treatment. The Gardens at Lake Worth provides comprehensive and effective treatment for a wide range of co-occurring disorders, including depression, anxiety, trauma and personality disorders.


Addiction and mental illness very often feed into one another. It can be very difficult, particularly after a prolonged period of untreated substance, to determine the dominant condition. Part of dual-diagnosis treatment is identifying the origins of substance abuse and addressing those factors through in-depth psychotherapy.


How Does Dual-Diagnosis Treatment Work?

Whether you’re suffering from simultaneous alcoholism and depression, benzodiazepine addiction brought on by anxiety disorder, drug-related psychosis or any other combination of substance abuse and mental illness, The Gardens at Lake Worth is here to help. Our therapists are committed to helping patients gain peace of mind and lasting mental health so they can manage their mental disorder while living the substance-free lives they deserve.

Once it is established that a client needs dual-diagnosis treatment, we work quickly to develop a customized treatment plan that addresses his or her individual care needs. These issues require multilateral care that addresses not only the lingering withdrawal symptoms, but also in-depth counseling where patients can recognize the factors that can trigger episodes and leave them vulnerable to relapse.


Dual-Diagnosis Treatment at the Gardens

Our dual-diagnosis services perfectly complement our commitment to treating the whole patient, and not just certain aspects of addiction. We believe that if nothing is done to address clients’ underlying mental health issues, their chances of long-term recovery are greatly diminished. The Gardens at Lake Worth employs a multi-step process to treat co-occurring disorders, including:


  • Identifying and diagnosing the problem
  • Determining which problem influenced the other
  • Designing and implementing a treatment program that includes counseling, group therapy, EMDR, and other supplemental therapies, as well as medication-assisted therapy (if applicable)
  • Referring outgoing clients to continued therapy and monitoring their progress after they complete their program through regular outreach


The primary aim of our dual diagnosis program is to help patients develop the strength and confidence they need to manage their mental health disorders without having to self-medicate and risk further damaging their lives.


Shining a Light in The Darkness of Mental Disorder

People can walk around for years engaging in dysfunctional behavior without ever really knowing the cause. Most dual diagnosis patients never even get to the diagnosis part. If you don’t know what the problem is, how are you supposed to address it?


We understand that healing from a co-occurring disorder can be a lifelong process, and that many who suffer from drug and alcohol abuse may not even realize that they have a separate mental health disorders. Our dual-diagnosis treatment program helps patients recognize the engines driving their addiction so they can maintain control of their total mental health.


The Gardens at Lake Worth helps clients realize that there are healthier and more constructive ways to cope with mental health issues and empowers them to live their lives free of substance abuse. Please call us at (844) 357-3422.