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Alcohol Addiction Abuse Treatment

Get The Help You Need for Alcohol Dependency

If you or a loved one is suffering from alcohol addiction, you’re not alone. Alcoholism is the most common addiction in the United States, and one for which many people never seek treatment or receive a proper diagnosis. The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence estimates that nearly 18 million Americans suffer from alcohol abuse or dependence, and that millions more engage in risky drinking behavior that can easily lead to addiction.

Don’t let misplaced pride or shame prevent you from getting the treatment you need. The Gardens at Lake Worth, here is Florida is committed to helping our clients overcome their alcohol addiction through compassionate, evidence-based treatment.

The Importance of Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Alcohol abusers commonly make the mistake of thinking that they can abstain from using on their own, or that if they’re able to stop for short periods of time, there is no problem. The reality is that alcohol addiction is a chronic disease that requires clinical intervention and, for many people, long-term care. While abusers may be able to stop for brief intervals, relapse rates for alcoholism are incredibly high.

Our Alcoholism Addiction Treatment Program

After clients have had the benefit of thorough detoxification and withdrawal management, The Gardens at Lake Worth, our Florida drug rehab, provides a comprehensive course of rehab in which patients develop the strength and confidence needed to manage their alcohol addiction and stay sober. Programs consist of in-depth counseling with our experienced and qualified therapists, as well as a full menu of traditional and innovative therapies to give clients a well-rounded treatment experience and help them align their physical, mental and spiritual health.

Treatment usually lasts a minimum of 30 days and is administered at one of our comfortable and inviting South Florida facilities. Program options include outpatient, intensive outpatient or partial hospitalization. Some of the therapies offered in our alcohol addiction program, include EMDR (Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), yoga and meditation, as well as group therapy and individual counseling. (Struggling with Drug Addiction? Click here.)

Facilitating Long-Term Success and Lasting Wellness

Alcohol is everywhere: parties, holidays, restaurants, family and friends’ homes, everywhere. It’s not as easy to avoid as other more illicit drugs. You’re bound to encounter alcohol at some point after treatment and you need to be prepared for those situations. Part of any quality alcohol addiction treatment program is helping clients develop techniques to avoid relapse and sustain their recovery.

Our team of therapists will help you or your loved one explore the underlying causes of your alcoholism so you can recognize the circumstances in everyday life that can trigger relapse. The more self-aware you are, the more equipped you will be to avoid relapse.

Don’t Give Up, Get Up

The Gardens recognizes how difficult the alcohol recovery process is and that most recovering alcoholics suffer a set-back at some point in their lives. We specialize in helping clients that have experienced multiple relapses, but who are still committed to the recovery process. Our representatives are standing by to help guide you into treatment and begin the healing process. Call us today at 844-357-3422.


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