Recovery Treatment with Results

For Immediate Addiction Help, Call: (844) 357-3422

The Gardens is a rehab treatment center with a holistic, custom approach to rehab treatment for each of our patients. The Gardens philosophy is that each one of our clients will receive personalized tailor made treatment programs for alcoholism, drug addiction, dual diagnosis or trauma treatment. The professionals at treatment center work hard to provide the best substance abuse, dual diagnosis and trauma counseling services possible.

We make sure that your needs are taken care of from the moment you begin your journey with us, and that starts with a confidential phone call. Our intake specialists review the admissions process, discuss your needs and fears, help you with payment methods and can answer any other questions you may have. The experienced and very compassionate team of alcohol and drug counselors at our rehab center is available to get you started on your road to recovery.

Palm Beach County Rehab Treatment Center

If you or a loved one need help, call our rehab center today at (844) 357-3422 to learn more about our addiction treatment services in Palm Beach County. We have a residential treatment center that is the perfect place to begin your new way of life, supported by caring drug and alcohol counselors. For some, picking up the phone can seem scary and out of reach. We understand that and so if you do not want to call us at first, but you have some questions, you are welcome to send us a message here on our email form.

Serving all Palm Beach County

The Gardens offers a safe and serene environment near Lake Okeechobee that is perfect for adult men and women to go to recover from substance abuse or substance abuse, especially if it’s associated with mental health disorders or trauma.

Our inviting and comfortable rehab facility is equipped with a pool for you to enjoy the Florida sunshine between therapy sessions. We also offer art and music therapy  to kindle your creative spark.

Experienced Rehab Treatment Staff

We have highly experienced staff who are both caring and understanding. Our drug and alcohol counselors have been through it all with many different cases and years of excellent treatment experience. Their expertise lies in helping individuals face their personal challenges and overcome addiction. We know each person has different sets of circumstances that lead to addiction and this means they have to figure out your own special program.

Followup Recovery Program

We utilize an industry leading after-care monitoring program which has demonstrated long-term success in helping thousands to remain sober and continue on their journey in recovery.

Take the First Rehab Step

We can help you. It’s now up to you. Call (844) 357-3422 today. Sometimes, the hardest part of lasting recovery is everyday life. Escape the pressures of everyday life and face your addiction head on. The compassionate team of alcohol and drug counselors at our South Florida rehab treatment center at The Gardens is waiting to help you.