Addiction Risk Factors

Do you Know the Risk Factors for Addiction? Alcohol and drug addiction contribute to the deaths of more than 125,000 Americans annually. The lethal killer does not discriminate based on age, education, height, race, sex, social status or weight.   Call 844-357-3422 24/7 to take the first step in living the rest of your life…

What causes drug addiction?

How Did I Become Addicted?

It has been reported that nearly 23 million Americans suffer with substance abuse. The top three drugs causing addiction are marijuana, opioid pain relievers, and cocaine.   All addictions – whether to a substance like alcohol, drugs or nicotine, or an activity — impact various neural circuits of the brain, including those related to reward,…

Foundations of Holistic Therapy

Holistic Addiction Treatment: What Is It? Can It Help?

When someone needs help with substance abuse, it is rarely the sole issue. Often, underlying mental illness or emotional issues can compound problems. Because of this, treating addiction alone can often be unsuccessful. Holistic therapy works by treating the entire person and teaching the life skills to cope and thrive independently. What is Holistic Therapy?…