Expert, Compassionate Care with Gender-Specific Residences


The Gardens at Lake Worth provides treatment in a mixed-gender environment, but offers gender-specific housing for to provide our clients with added peace of mind, safety and comfort. More and more research shows that treatment outcomes tend to be improved in a gender-specific environment. If you’re a man or a woman suffering with substance use or any co-occurring disorder, you need an environment free of distraction and full of support, discretion and safety.

Women’s Housing




A Safe and Discreet Place to Heal

Addiction recovery is one of the most emotionally difficult pursuits a person can undertake. People trying to recover need all of their strength, all of their resolve, all of their internal resources to get through the experience. Gender-specific housing affords our clients a distraction-free environment where they can relax in comfort after the treatment days where they do the hard work of building a foundation for recovery. We provide an environment in which clients can exchange mutual support and advice that will aid them in their recovery once they leave their treatment program and transition into their daily lives.


The Importance of Gender-Specific Care

Research from The National Institutes of Health (NIH) supports the theory that gender-specific treatment environments for women can improve the outcome of mental health treatment. At The Gardens Rehab, we understand how gender differences can impact treatment and we incorporate that knowledge into our clients customized treatment programs.


Recovering from alcohol and other drugs and requires more than just enrolling in detox. Recovery is a life-long process, taken one day at a time. That’s why we believe that you should start that process on the best foot possible, here with us.