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Drug Addiction FloridaWhen a person struggles with substance use disorder, whether it’s cocaine, alcohol, heroin, pain pills, meth or anything else, they need help on multiple fronts. Addiction and substance abuse impact every area of a user’s life, from their physical and emotional health, to their finances, to their education, to their relationships with their families. If you or your loved one are going to successfully overcome your substance use disorder, you need a program that addresses the physical, emotional, and behavioral aspects of addiction. The Gardens at Lake Worth, an alcohol and drug rehab in Florida is committed to helping our clients develop the strength and self-knowledge they need to achieve recovery and lasting wellness.

Caring for Our Neighbors Who Need Drug Rehab in Florida

It’s not just the inviting whether and tranquil environment that have made Florida a recovery destination; the state, itself, is waging one of the biggest battles with addiction in the country. Though we treat clients from all over the US, many of them are right in our backyard. Once considered the “pill mill capital of the world”, tougher restrictions on illegal prescription painkiller trafficking have caused overdose deaths to decline; however, there are still many who are left addicted to these painkillers that resort to heroin in their absence. From 2013 to 2014, heroin deaths have increased in almost every county in Central Florida. Experts report that a majority of these cases involve those that have transitioned to heroin from prescription opioids.

Florida is also home to a widespread alcohol abuse problem. In 2014, the state saw 676 drunk driving-related deaths, 40,677 DUI arrests and 26,291 convictions. According to research from the Trust for America’s Health, Florida had the 11th highest drug overdose mortality rate in the United States. At The Gardens at Lake Worth, we are working to reverse this trend by offering our fellow Floridians quality care for addiction and substance use disorder.

The Gardens Rehab Difference

To begin with, The Gardens at Lake Worth is certified by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. This means that we are backed by one of the leading authorities on quality and safety in the healthcare industry. The Gardens Rehab is also able to facilitate medically supervised detox so you or your loved one can start your recovery journey safely and in as much comfort as possible. Those who attempt to detox on their own, or without the benefit of medical supervision, run a heightened risk of relapse because their withdrawal symptoms can be so difficult to handle.

We are determined to help clients explore the underlying causes of their addictions so they can work toward developing their coping skills and avoiding the temptation that so often leads to relapse. We are also equipped to treat any co-occurring disorders.

Our Clients Deserve the Best

At The Gardens, we realize that clients come to us in a sick and vulnerable state, and that environment plays a large part in addiction. All treatment is administered at our safe, discreet and comfortable South Florida treatment facility, where you or your loved one can concentrate on healing without any distractions. We also offer gender-specific residences as part of our commitment to foster trust, safety and confidence.

Don’t live another second in pain. If you or your loved one are battling substance use and co-occurring disorder, The Gardens at Lake Worth is standing by to help guide you toward a better tomorrow. Call our admissions office 24/7 at (844) 357-3422.