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Our Mission

Our core philosophy at The Gardens at Lake Worth is built around ensuring that every client receives the absolute highest quality of personalized care.

We understand that every individual who enters our treatment center is unique, having their own life experiences with families, health issues, current challenges as well as future opportunities. Our team of clinicians take the entire individual into account when developing their assessments and assembling their treatment plan.

We are so proud and grateful that so many of the individuals who received treatment from our team have remained in long-term recovery. Our mission is not just to treat the individual suffering from addiction, but also to provide assistance to their families and loved ones. We utilize an industry leading after-care monitoring program which has demonstrated long-term success in helping thousands to remain sober and continue on their journey in recovery.


Assessing Clinical Needs During Admissions & Intake
Alcohol and Drug Detoxification when Clinically Necessary
Group & Individual Counseling
Sustainable Recovery Concepts along with Meeting Attendance
Life Skills Workshops and Planning